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Ashley Welsh, posing for a photo on a kitchen counter

Ashley Welsh, Lovin Spoonful's Pastry Chef

I'm so excited to share my baking with you here at Lovin Spoonfuls. Since a young age, I've been helping my mom in the kitchen but it wasn't until I went vegan in my teenage years that my passion for baking grew to another level and I began developing my own recipes. There is nothing like revamping a traditional recipe into a delicious plant based version that everyone loves. My greatest satisfaction comes from the pleasant looks on peoples faces when they taste my bakes and can't believe vegan can taste so good.

The best treats are cruelty free!

Online bakery order requests are suggested 7 days prior to pick up date and are subject to availability. Large events or tiered cakes require at least 30 days notice.

For a quicker response, call our restaurant at 520-325-7766. 4 days notice is required and subject to availability for all bakery orders.

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